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Frequently asked questions

Register now and you have immediate access to 10 free KFP cases. Registration is simple and no credit card is required.

No. It is a dedicated study resource for the KFP exams. In every mode it builds your confidence for exam day. Cases are designed to maximise learning: taking on complex cases, reviewing your answers against a marking guide, expanding the learning value of the case with a case discussion and accessing further online resources.

Yes. Once you register you have immediate access to 10 free KFP cases. You can purchase a subscription at any time and have immediate access to study resources. Jump straight into practising cases, choosing topics and doing mock exams.

You can choose to subscribe for the current exam or take up an extended subscription for the next exam. This provides 24/7 unlimited access until your specified exam date.

Yes, of course. There is unlimited access to KFP cases and KFP exams for your period of subscription.

KFP Online is committed to data security and does not keep your credit card details. A third party called Stripe is the service that manages card payments and responsible for the pop-up box and the payment process (

Yes. Please contact us within 7 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with your study experience ( and have not used KFP Online extensively for your study (26 cases or less accessed). We will arrange a refund on your credit card. We strive to provide the most cost effective and fair case bank and you will be able to make an assessment in your first usage of the subscription.  

There are some trainees that have been able to access a grant to pay for KFP Online and it may be worthwhile to check with your training organisation or agency.

Yes. We can report the time you spend on KFP Online on a certificate. This is a record you can use to demonstrate the effort you have made in your professional development. Please email us if you need this certificate (

No. Definitely not. KFP Online is a study aid that complements all the other activities you need to do to prepare for the RACGP exam. First and foremost is the need to understand the requirements for each exam by accessing RACGP resources. Then there are a broad range of education and support options, from activities provided by training organisations and agencies through to private tuition, and of course, study groups.

Yes, definitely! KFP Online is a great tool for learning together. You can nominate a case you want to all study together. Everyone can access the case at the same time, compare answers and work through the case discussion as a shared experience.

Any questions? Contact us for more information.