The KFP exam set by the RACGP consists of 26 cases. The RACGP provides excellent explanatory materials in the form of ESO modules whereby a candidate can learn about the KFP.

Each KFP case is written by a fellow of the college. In it's original form it undergoes multiple edits with the college KFP editorial team and the case writer. Each KFP case must also be backed up by 3 peer reviewed sources ie. guidelines, articles etc which are Australian based. Once a case "passes" the initial quality control tests. It is then sat by up to 25 fellows from different backgrounds who come to a consensus about the case questions and answers. Once the exam is sat by candidates, modifications to the marking grid can further occur if an obvious issue is noted.

KFP Online case bank

KFP Online has a case bank of 400 KFP cases. The case bank has been developed by Dr Tamara Nation.

The KFP cases from KFP online were given to me by colleagues over the period 2010-2016 or written by myself 2016 to 2018. Currently, each case has been reviewed by over 500 candidates and responses modified to stay up to date with the latest evidence-based guidelines. For the 2018.2 exam cycle I am again reviewing the 400 case question bank based on candidate feedback, a lot of the cases will therefore be revised. Having completed the RACGP KFP exam writing module and successfully sat 2016.2 KFP exam (achieving a score in the top 10%) I have gained insight into the KFP process and want to share what I have learnt with you.

I also actively participate in current KFP courses to stay up to date with the latest information pertaining to the RACGP exams.

KFP online aims to provide you with a plentiful and thoughtful question bank. It aims to help you achieve exam success.

Key Points

KFP Prep case bank

KFP Prep has created a case bank of 100 KFP cases. KFP Prep cases are set out as practice exams and have detailed commentary that assists with your review of the answers and building your confidence in sitting for the KFP exam

KFP Online and KFP Prep case banks are available individually or as a package. The package is the most popular choice as it combines the strengths of both case banks and provides the best study experience.

How to access KFP Online:

Step 1: Register

Set up your account and access the KFP Online site. Experience the KFP study mode with a free trial of 5 KFP cases.

Step 2: Subscribe

Select your subscription period, either for the current exam (2018.2) or for the next exam (2019.1) and then choose the level of access you want (access to KFP Online resources, KFP Prep resources or a combination of both resources).

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Each subscription option provides unlimited access for your nominated subscription.


The exam: 26 cases in 210 minutes; each case has 2 to 3 questions

Where to start?

RACGP ESO modules - the absolute BEST exam resource from the people that write the exams

RACGP KFP exam reports - link

RACGP KFP courses - from the exam writers and markers provided by the college - get in early

Understand the case stem, each piece of information is important
  • patient age, sex, ethnic background
  • new patient to your clinic versus a usual patient
  • country versus metropolitan setting
  • routine review versus urgent appointment

The KFP exam will feature a number of serious not to be missed diagnoses in order to examine that you are a safe and competent independent GP.

The KFP exam will also examine the BIG topics ie. diabetes, hypertension, dermatology that as a GP you need to understand in depth.

The KFP exam will also feature at least 2 ATSI questions as this is a government requirement.

Know the "common qualifiers"
most important
= most serious
= not to be missed
most likely
= common diagnosis
= first step
= first line
= urgent
= conclusive
= in addition to
= weeks or months or years
Know the format of the answer
  • diagnosis versus cause
  • drug name versus drug class
  • examination versus investigation
  • pharmacological management versus lifestyle management
  • immediate management versus longterm management
History questions?
  • read the stem
  • do not repeat information
  • be as concise and specific as possible
  • one answer, one line
  • ie. family history of first degree relative under 40 with breast cancer versus family history
  • ie. haematuria versus urinary symptoms
Examination questions?
  • concise and specific
  • ie. Blood pressure over 140/90
  • ie. temperature over 38
  • ie. hepatomegaly
  • ie. jaundice
  • ie. K10 score >21
Investigation questions?
  • multiple choice boxes or
  • investigation interpretation ie.ecg, imaging, spirometry
  • be as specific and accurate as possible
Management questions?
  • understand what is being asked
  • non pharmacological
  • pharmacological - drug class
  • Pharmacological - drug specific include dose/modality/frequency/duration
  • Pharmacological - treatment side effects
  • be specific if making a referral to specialist or hospital
  • be specific if listing longterm or preventative management

KFP Marking

In the real exam 1 examiner marks one component of each case (ie Dr A marks case 23 question 1, Dr B marks case 23 question 2, Dr C marks case 23 question 3)

Answers which are not a part of the marking grid but which appear recurrently may be added to the to the grid if relevant and appropriate.

More than one answer on one line OR more than one example on one line will result in overcoding and a penalty applied

A harmful or negligent answer will result in Zero marks for that question

Avoid abbreviations

Use medical terminology not lay terms as the examiners are all FRACGP

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