KFP Study tip: How do I know what to study if I don’t know what I don’t know?

kfp study tip how do I know what to study if I don't know what I don't know

This is a common question that we all face. The FRACGP curriculum is nothing short of immense and it’s easy to know our limitations in areas that we have experience in. However, it’s near impossible to know one’s strengths and weaknesses in areas where we have no knowledge.

Where do I begin is often a starting point that can lead to a state of inertia! Sometimes avoidance is a good short term coping strategy, however when it comes to exam day the avoidance approach comes undone.

Our KFP study tip: Choose a subject area that you “have no idea about”. 

This is the two week challenge – pick your least favourite study topic and spend 2 study sessions this week and next mastering it. If you can conquer your least favourite study area, imagine how much easier the path to success will be.

Here to support YOU,

The KFP Online team

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