How practice questions help you pass the KFP

How practice questions help you pass the KFP

2021 is the year of hope and of starting afresh. Of putting challenges behind us that were brought on by Covid, including delays to exams and enduring a handwritten exam format.

KFP Online has been there the whole way, supporting trainees with webinars, extending access when exams were delayed, and providing additional practice with quizzes on the FB group.

We are proud to release a new subscription for 2021.2 trainees – a fully revised case bank and a special offer of $300+GST for unlimited access to the July exam (a substantial saving on the usual price of $490+GST).

Our enduring commitment is to support you to pass your exams. We get that this is a very stressful time, where time is precious and there are often many distractions you have to endure (work commitments, family commitments etc).

There is always value in KFP practice questions; testing your clinical reasoning with realistic and complex cases, attempting each KFP question, and then utilising the marking guide and case discussion to test your level of understanding of what is being sought and how best to approach the task of maximising your marks. We surveyed doctors using KFP Online recently, and over 90% of doctors were using KFP Online at least weekly to practice KFP questions (see Graph Q3). This gives us confidence that the case bank is highly relevant and a valuable way to prepare for your KFP exam.

Our study platform is really flexible – allowing you to study as you need. The survey shows doctors value the case bank for multiple study modes – studying by topic, studying as timed mock exams, or a mixture of both (see Graph Q4).

Doctors rate KFP Online highly, with over 80% of survey response being 4-star and 5-star rating (see Graph Q5)

We believe the case bank we have prepared for 2021.2 and 2022.1 trainees is our best yet. It takes your study experience to a new level, with extensively revised cases, more in-depth case discussion, and updated references for further reading.

We’ve listened to the feedback provided in the survey and focussed on delivering improvements in time for your study. We will continue to revise and audit cases and will keep adding new and fresh cases to the case bank. Our commitment is to provide over 300 cases (and over 1000 questions in total) for you to study by topic or as timed exams. Ten full-length mock exams will be prepared and made available for your study.

Start your free trial here.

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