The biggest advantage is practising for exams using an online format that is based on the actual exam experience. Work through each KFP case and AKT question in the same way you will on exam day.

KFP Online also helps with your study. As you are studying topic-by-topic, you can specify the topic you want to practice. Then, when you want to study in a mock exam mode, you can practice anytime, and with a range of exam formats. You don’t have to wait – exams are ready to go!

No. It is a dedicated site to study for the KFP and AKT exams. In every mode it builds your confidence for exam day. Further reading is provided for many of the questions, and premium cases from KFP Prep also include detailed commentary.

Yes. Once you register you can access the KFP Online site and trial both KFP and AKT study modes. You can upgrade at any time and have immediate access to study resources. Jump straight into practicing cases, choosing topics and doing mock exams.

You can choose to subscribe for the current exam or take up an extended subscription for the next exam.

Yes, of course. There is unlimited access to KFP cases and AKT questions for your period of subscription.

Yes, of course. There is unlimited access to exams for your period of subscription.

All of the pre-prepared exams can be done whenever you choose. And there is also the option to custom build a new exam every time – you select how long you have and the number of cases to attempt. Want to do a quick 1 hr exam – no problem!

KFP Prep is a provider of medical education and has prepared a bank of premium KFP cases. You can subscribe for this case bank on its own or in combination with the main KFP Online case bank. KFP Prep cases are presented as mock exams. You practice these in exam format so that you are simulating a real exam environment with a time limit and navigation through the cases. Then, when you go to mark your work there are detailed explanations of the correct answers as well as commentary to increase the depth of your understanding of what examiners are looking for. These tips and tricks are just what you need as you are getting closer to your exam and needing to be on top of your game!

Register now and you can sign in to the website and view the study options. We offer a free trial of 5 KFP cases and 10 AKT questions in the practice case format.

Practice your exam tactics! In every exam you can practice your tactics – when to set a question for review, how best to work through the full exam and then revisit cases and questions, how to manage your time. Remember the exam is not just about the right answers, it is also about the right approach.

Gives you extra leads! The extra material suggested as resources for each case helps you go straight to important sources that increase your depth of understanding of each topic.

Makes study more effective! You never have to worry about remembering where you are up to with the case bank. You can always choose to study cases you haven’t attempted yet, and just as important, you can go straight to cases that you have flagged that you want to practice again.

Bonus! Access the AussieIMG website to hear detailed tutorials on the way to answer KFP cases. Listen to Emma Liggins work methodically through the construction of cases and then the logic of answering the case. Thanks AussieIMG!

There are some registrars that have been able to access a grant to pay for KFP Online and it may be worthwhile to check with your training organisation or agency.

Yes. We can report the time you spend on KFP Online on a certificate. This is a record you can use to demonstrate the effort you have made in your professional development. Please email us if you need this certificate ( info@kfponline.com.au).

No. Definitely not. KFP Online is a study aid that complements all the other activities you need to do to prepare for the RACGP exam. First and foremost is the need to understand the requirements for each exam by accessing RACGP resources. Then there are a broad range of education and support options, from activities provided by training organisations and agencies through to private tuition, and of course, study groups.

KFP Online deliberately does not try to cover all bases. And besides, there are many options out there already for every GP registrar! Our aim is to be excellent at what we set out to do – to make exam preparation more effective and to be a massive help to all registrars to be confident to sit the RACGP exam.

KFP Online is committed to building resources that are for the exclusive use of doctors who are sitting the RACGP exam and recognises the risks of making medical exam material available to the wider community. The registration process is designed to ensure that only doctors have access to KFP Online material.

KFP Online is committed to data security and does not keep your credit card details. A third party called Stripe is the service that manages card payments and responsible for the pop-up box and the payment process ( stripe.com/about).

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