AKT Online is a new study mode, dedicated to study for the AKT part of the RACGP Fellowship exam.

There is a bank of 1000+ questions that provide a deep coverage of key topics identified in the BEACH data set. Questions can be studied as mock exams or through dedicated topic-by-topic study.

All questions aim to match the difficulty of the RACGP fellowship exams. Answers are based on current RACGP standards and Australian guidelines, using resources available to RACGP registrars such as Therapeutic Guidelines, Australian Medicines Handbook, RACGP publications, Royal Children’s Hospital Guidelines, and BMJ Best Practice.

The AKT lays the foundation for fellowship examination as it assesses depth and accuracy of general practice knowledge – the ”knows how” of Miller’s Pyramid of clinical competence.

Competence vs. Performance

Miller GE. The assessment of clinical skills/competence/perfomance.
Academic Medicine (Supplement) 1990;65: S63-S7

AKT Online aims to provide you with a useful resource to prepare yourself for AKT. One of the most important elements is to have the clarity and endurance to sit a 4 hour exam. Also to have a depth of knowledge to successfully practice as a General Practitioner unsupervised in Australia.

Candidates who perform well in the AKT have a higher chance of passing the KFP.

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