There is no one written formula for exam success. No one course, no one textbook, no one study plan. We all come to study and exam preparation with a unique skill set, knowledge base, learning need and style.

KFP Online provides you with the opportunity to access the largest range of AKT and KFP type questions on a digital platform based on Australian Guidelines.

How you interact and utilise the question bank is entirely up to you. Access provides you with the opportunity to do cases by topic, random order, with timing and under exam conditions. Access KFP Online on your own, between patients, in a study group - you choose.

We are a co-operative of like-minded doctors who love to teach and want to help you succeed.

Each provider has their own bank and access is per exam cycle.

how it works

how it works
Set up your account and access the KFP Online site. Experience both KFP and AKT study modes with a free trial.
how it works
Upgrade your account by subscribing to each of the KFP and AKT study modes.
how it works
Each subscription option provides unlimited access for your nominated subscription.

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