KFP Online’s mission is to help you pass your exam

We know that passing the KFP exam is the biggest barrier to achieving your fellowship. Our mission is to provide a quality study experience, practising cases that are complex, reviewed to align with the RACGP curriculum, and developed for their learning value. Learning by being taught is essential, and so is learning by doing. We make it easy to ‘do’ KFP study.


Our Story

KFP Online first offered a case bank for the RACGP exam in 2017. We set out to do something completely new to support KFP exam candidates – to create a large case bank and a dedicated platform for studying KFP cases. These features continue to be important to make it easy to practice KFP cases. Since then we’ve built up the case bank, combined the learning resources of KFP Online with KFP Prep (a second and high-quality case bank for learning clinical reasoning) and comprehensively reviewed and updated cases.

We know first hand that studying for the KFP exam is long and hard. We get real satisfaction supporting doctors to grow in confidence and feel well prepared for the exam. This is one of life’s great journeys as a doctor to complete credentialing and we are committed to being with you on this journey.

We want offer the best KFP study tool in the market

KFP online is study tool designed to assist in developing your clinical reasoning and improve your performance during the FRACGP KFP Exam. KFP Online has been used as a study aid by over 2000 trainees since it’s development 2017.

The purpose of KFP Online is to provide:

Get access to 10 free updated KFP exam cases.

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