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We are a grass roots organisation, young and innovative, with current RACGP fellows and registrars. We work with co-operative intent – “by the people, for the people” – to providing resources for candidates. No layers of administration, no excess – we are here for you! We are all highly qualified educators and passionate about teaching and learning.

about us
Meet the team
Dr Tamara Nation
MB BS (University of Melbourne)

PhD (Dept Paediatrics, University of Melbourne)
Teaching background:
English teacher for AMES Australia
Medical educator for medical students University of Melbourne
Mentoring and teaching FRACGP candidates 2017 to present
Completion of the KFP advanced learning module with RACGP for KFP question writing
Tamara's story

I commenced General Practice in my mid-thirties after pursing a surgical career, undertaking a PhD and having 3 children! Returning to study and clinical medicine was a daunting experience. My peers had moved on, I was unfamiliar with the syllabus and it had been a while since I’d been in clinical practice. At first the fellowship exams seemed like an impossible hurdle to pass, juggling work, mothering and study – how could it be achieved? I think there were no quick fixes or shortcuts to getting through. It was a difficult time of relentless study and practising questions.

I had a study group, I undertook different prep courses, I put my social and family life on hold. All this helped achieve my end point – RACGP fellowship and freedom. However, one of the most daunting hurdles was preparation for the KFP. There was lack of quality study materials and they were often not presented in a way that was similar to the exam. That led me to start KFP Online.

Dr Raja Devanathan
MBBS (First Class Honours)
Teaching background:
Medical educator for medical students (UTAS – 2002-2006)
Clinical tutor for medical students (Monash University 2015-2016)
Clinical tutor for medical students (Deakin University 2017 – present)
Administrator for GP registrars for FRACGP Prep Group – Facebook
Raja's story

I completed my medical school in Hobart, Tasmania and completed internship and residency at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. I subsequently engaged in Surgical training for 4 years after which I pursued a full time career in General Practice. During my surgical and GP years, I was actively involved in teaching at Monash University as a clinical tutor. I completed my General Practice Training with Southern GP Training.

I am passionate about education and continue to teach medical students at Deakin University. I also teach online as an administrator for the national Facebook group for GP registrars (3000+ members). My clinical passions are GP geriatrics and emergency/urgent care.

I have been running KFP exam preparation courses since 2015, and more recently offer my cases using the KFP Online platform. My aim is to ensure registrars learn about the purpose of the KFP, understanding case construction, and I aim to provide feedback to each registrar with respect to their KFP technique.

Studying for the fellowship exams requires clinical knowledge as well some acumen on the technical aspects of the exam. I also upload podcasts about the RACGP exams which can be accessible via a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/fracgpregistrars/.

Dr Amadeus Education
BA/BTch (Music specialisation/English) (Avondale College,
Lake Macquarie)

MD (Griffith University, Gold Coast)
Teaching background:
Secondary teacher at Blue Hills College
Goonellabah Private tutor for voice and piano
Amadeus's story

I grew up in rural NSW where I learned to work hard and strive for excellence. My family are all educators – my mum teaches singing, piano and drama privately; my dad was the manager of an adult education centre and now works for a school for disadvantaged children; one brother taught computer at Tafe level; and my other brother was a university lecturer and is now a primary school teacher. The desire to help people learn and grow just feels innate to my nature.

After completing my first degree, I worked for 3 years as a teacher in a K-10 school where I learned the challenge of educating people of all ages and abilities. I knew teaching was something I wanted to do, but felt restricted in this position. I knew that school teachers are prone to burn out, so I decided to study medicine – a job where burnout is less of an issue (yeah right!). I found medicine challenging, but learnt ways to use my creativity in my learning to make things stick.

After I completed my medical degree, I moved back to rural NSW and I am in the process of completing my Fellowship with RACGP. GP land to me is just like aclassroom – a place where I can share, teach and help people grow. Joining the KFP Online team is a natural extension to my passion for people and growth. I know how difficult the exams are, and I want to help provide a better supported pathway to fellowship. This is what has prompted me to develop an AKT-style question bank as part of my company, Amadeus Education.

Dr Kay Duperouzel
Certificate IV Training and Assessment
Teaching background:
Workforce Development and Training with TAFE SA
Kay's story

I grew up in Adelaide and lived in a number of cities in Australia and Europe and ultimately returned to Adelaide after the travel bug wore off!

My involvement with medical education began when I worked with the RACGP and GPeX (formerly Sturt Fleurieu Education and Training. Both these positions included facilitating workshops for International Medical Graduates, managing the OTDNET program in Adelaide and Darwin, managing Registrars in the AGPT program along with practice accreditation.

This lead me to moving forward with my own consultancy business where I provide private training and education courses for the AMC clinical exam and Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interviews for International Medical Graduates. I facilitate these through my website

With 20 years in the education arena it is and continues to be my passion.

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