4 out of 10 candidates fail the KFP exam. Here’s why.

Why candidates fail the KFP Exam

The KFP exam is one of the hardest exams doctors ever have to sit.

If you haven’t already read the RACGP Public KFP Exam Report, the pass rate in the 2021.2 exam was only 59.3%. 

Out of 1264 candidates, 514 failed. 

That’s 4 out of 10 people.

AKT exam is relatively easier, with a pass rate of 76%.

And even if you passed the AKT exam, there is still a 20% chance that you’ll fail the KFP.

Here at KFP Online, we only have one goal. To help our subscribers pass the exam and gain their Fellowship. 

So that they can move past one of the most stressful steps of their career.

Since 2017, KFP Online has supported over 2000 GP registrars.

After hundreds of online study sessions, customer feedback and interviews, we’ve discovered the biggest mistake candidates make when it comes to sitting the KFP exam and failing.


Not being prepared is the reason why almost half the people in the exam room won’t obtain their Fellowship. (And have to wait another 6 months before they can try again.)

But what does being unprepared really mean?

Having closely observed the study progress of hundreds of candidates each exam cycle, the difference between successful and unsuccessful is not how hard, but how smart you study.

In other words, it’s not the number of hours you put into the study, but how much focus on preparing for the actual exam.

This is why studying as many cases as possible, and trying to memorise them and hoping that the exam will have a similar type of cases simply doesn’t work.

In fact, this study technique completely ignores what KFP exam is really about – assessing your clinical reasoning skills.

What makes the KFP exam harder than other exams, is that it doesn’t assess how much you know but how you apply your knowledge.

And when we started KFP Online over 5 years ago, we didn’t just want to build a case bank with hundreds of complex cases and leave you by yourself studying them.

Because for an exam candidate like yourself, that is more overwhelming than actually helpful.

And frankly, a waste of precious study time.

Yes, KFP Online cases are very complex. They are written by one of the leading medical educators in Australia.

But what we really wanted to build is a platform that allows you to improve skills that are essential to passing the exam such as:

  • Clinical reasoning
  • Exam time management 
  • Answering technique
  • Mental preparation such as being able to reset your mind between cases (something we cover in our study sessions)

It’s a platform where you can experience the exam before the actual exam.

And feel fully confident, regardless how complex cases the RACGP examiner is throwing at you.

That’s what being prepared for the KFP exam is like.

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