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Helping you succeed in your KFP exam

We know that the KFP exam is all about confidence – and passing can be as small a margin as getting an extra 1%.

As a doctor, you know medicine. But as a student, you need to intimately understand the KFP exam. What is the exam looking for in your clinical reasoning? How might you better answer a question?

KFP Online has shown time and again the path to success: to practice with quality cases, immersed in a real demonstration of the breadth of answers that an examiner is looking for, and reinforced with weekly sessions with medical educators.

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Experience the KFP Online difference

Original high-quality cases

Written by experienced and qualified medical educators who are also practising GPs.​

Prepare on your terms​

Choose the way you want to study: cases by topic, cases in exams, timed or untimed.​

Fully revised for 2022.1 & 2022.2

Updated KFP cases with detailed case discussion and reference guides.​

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With KFP Online, you can study with high-quality cases in an exam-like environment. Click the arrows to navigate between questions and answers.

Case authored by Dr Tamara Nation, reviewed by Dr Dev Raga. Answers validated by multiple KFP Online subscribers. © KFP Online 2021

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Our purpose is to help you ANSWER THE KFP.

Dr Tamara Nation and Dr Dev Raga are practising GPs. Dev also runs the largest registrar Facebook group in Australia. Tamara also assesses and Mentors for PEP, examines RCE and is a medicolegal educator and trained GP supervisor.

We have written the cases for your study, BUT WE ALSO UNDERSTAND what it is like to study as we have been on that journey ourselves.


Dr. Tamara Nation


Dr. Dev Raga